Photo Size & Printing Guide

Why pixels matter and why canvas prints love them!
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It all comes down to PIXELS. In the case of digital photographs printed onto canvas it is definitley one of "the more, the merrier". The digital photos to the right clearly show what happens to an image when there are not enough pixels to display it correctly. Photo "a" is approximately 1MB and will print out clearly at the approximate size of a postcard. Photo "b" is only 70KB and will print out looking like an impressionist painting (without the inherent value) at the same size. "So how can I tell?", I hear you ask. As a rule of thumb any photograph taken with a mobile phone is not going to crack the nod. On the other hand, photo's taken with a camera that has a capacity of 10 megapixels and above should deliver great canvas print results. If you're still unsure, check the graphic at the bottom of this page to give you a better idea of the data sizes that make good canvas prints.

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Good pixel countInadequate pixel count

photo a

An image of approcimately 1MB will look clear when printed out at the size of a postcard or smaller. Good canvas prints need more pixels. Period.

photo b

The same photograph at 70KB will look blurred and will have lost a lot of it's detail when printed onto the same size canvas.

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OUR recommended minimum size is 4mb

This image on the right gives an approximate physical size result of a 5MB photograph. We very rarely (if ever) print anything smaller onto canvas. Yes it is possible, however it is not ideal. The canvas print result will reflect the quality of the image you use. There are a number of things that can be done to improve the colour and tone of a photograph, but to put information into a photograph is a very difficult thing to do and is not successful on most attempts. The moral of the story with digital photographs and printing them onto canvas is this:what you put in is what you get out. To give you an easy reference guide, the section below has some size approximations to view. These are approximate sizes as we often need to crop (trim) images to get the subject matter placed well within the canvas frame.

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Size example with dimensions
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