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Step oneWhat photo to take?


The bigger your photo is, the better it will print onto canvas. If your photo is smaller than 1MB, it will generally be of very low quality (right click for your file properties). We have a easy-to-read set of digital photo guidelines...

Step twoSend us your photo


There are two ways you can send your photograph to us. Email it or post it. If you have a digital photograph then email will normally suffice. If you have a physical photo that needs to be scanned, you can post it to us ... more

Step threeReview your canvas options


How do you know what you're going to get? We all like to be sure of what we're paying for, so we make sure that you feel secure with your purchase. We send you a PDF proof that shows you exactly what your canvas print ... more

Step fourWe courier to you

delivering my canvas print

We ship anywhere in NewZealand for FREE. So you don't have to worry about hidden costs. We also make sure that your printed canvas is well protected by wrapping the framed canvas in several protective layers... more

Like everything else, printing photo's   onto canvas  has a wide spectrum of quality and expectations.

You can only get what you expect to get if you know what it is from the get-go. Photo canvas printing will only deliver quality results if the ingredients (photo, canvas, ink, frame and finish) are great quality ingredients.

Like the food you eat - what you put in is what you get out!

Here at Fine Art Printing we don't skimp on canvas product quality and we don't cut corners on our canvas printing and preparation processes. Your memories will stay as fresh as our canvasses!

We're willing to bet that you have hundreds, possibly thousands of digital photos that are floating aimlessly in the digital ether of your computer hard drive. We take so many photographs hoping that somehow we'll capture these moments and make them live on forever! What happens though is that all the detail of those treasured moments blurs and never really gets to see the light of day in any form at all. Well, anything other than a whole lot of gobbeldy-gook on your computer somewhere or hidden in a photo album drawer!

At Fine Art Printing, we're all about DETAIL. Nothing to do with our canvas printing business is not about DETAIL. You've heard of how cars are "dressed" for movies, ads and photo shoots? It's called "detailing". Every detail sparkles. We do the same, only we do it by printing onto canvas. We bring out the best in your photographs by putting the best into them. Photo selection, framing, canvas, printing, finishing and delivery to your door. We are the Fairy Godmother of turning memories into printed canvas treasures!