Frequently Asked Questions.

Canvas Print Questions

How long until I can expect my canvas to arrive?

Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery after full payment is received and confirmed. We will confirm the receipt of your payment by email. Deliveries can arrive at any time between 9am - 5.30pm local time, so if you are not in during the day it may be easier to arrange the delivery to be made to your work address.

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Will the colours I see on the finished canvas be the same as on the proof that I see on my computer screen?

We cannot guarantee that the colours you see on your computer screen will be the same as what you receive on your printed canvas. Computer screens vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and as such display different results. We use top of the range colour callibration software and hardware and work to those standards. If there is a particular colour match you need please contact us for more info (you will need either a Pantone or a colour swatch to post to us).

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Will my canvas print be the same as the image I see online?

The proof that we send you will show you exactly which part of your image will be visible and which part will fall into the “wrapping allowance”. The printed canvas you receive should be within millimetres of your proof.

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If I order more than one picture, is the delivery charge more?

Delivery is free for all framed canvasses.

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Do you do any more framed canvas sizes?

We can supply custom made canvas sizes as well. Just let us know what the size of the canvas is that you require by email or phone and we will give you a separate quote. The largest size we can print, however, is 1000mm height x any desired width (this is a framed finish measurement).

We also design and print multi-panel canvasses in either horizontal of vertical formats. The maximum number of sequential panels that we will print onto canvas is seven side by side in a vertical format.

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Do you have a physical gallery or a venue where I can see examples of the printed canvas?

No, we operate purely as an online website with no showroom or retail facilities. We therefore cannot accept any personal visits at our premises. However, under the distance selling Regulations, we do operate a full refund policy if you are not happy with your purchase (see below for returned items).

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Can you print photographs that I have taken myself or that have been sent to me?

Yes. Please refer to our canvas prints section of the site for instructions on how to send your image to us and guidelines as to what the minimum data size is for successfully printing images.

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What if my photograph is not in a digital format?

We can accept conventional photos. You can send them to us using your local postal service. We will contact you to advise you if your image is of an adequate quality to scan. Generally the following images are not of good quality:

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What can be done about date stamps and red eye?

We will automatically remove date stamps and red eye wherever possible, and this is done completely free of charge.

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How do I care for my printed canvas?

Taking care of your purchase is simple and requires no additional expense in the way of special solvents etc. To keep your artwork looking as great as the day the canvas print was delivered to you, please read the Canvas Care advice below. These steps, if followed, will keep your canvas print looking great for years to come.

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Do you supply to trade?

Yes. Please contact us directly to discuss how we can help you.

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How do I use my Gift voucher code?

When you place your order with us, let us know by email what your discount voucher code is. Our invoice will clearly reflect the voucher portion.

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Am I entitled to any discount if I order more than one canvas print?

From time to time we offer and advertise specials based on multiple purchases. If you would like to be notified about these special promotions by email, please contact us by email to confirm that you require notification.

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What about my personal details?

Your personal details are essential for the delivery of the items you have ordered. This information is for our records only and can be removed upon written request from yourselves. You will receive emails from us concerning your order. From time to time we may send out emails to our customers to notify them of special promotions.

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Can I place an order and arrange for it to be sent to another address?

When entering your personal details you will be given an opportunity to say whether you wish to use your own address or supply a different delivery address.

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Do you deliver to other countries?

Yes, we deliver worldwide. All international deliveries accrue separate freight charges for the purchasers account.

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What is the policy on returned items?

Under the distance selling Regulations, if you have received goods and have simply changed your mind about purchasing them, you may return goods for credit subject to the following conditions:

‘Create Your Photos & Personalised Art items ’
All artworks are provided as a bespoke service to the client on a one to one basis, based on the designs shown on this site. You, as the customer give the artist responsible full creative title to recreate the said artwork based on your size and style requests to the best of his/her ability.

Due to the bespoke status of these artworks, items that are delivered as described and in good condition may not be returned but damaged items will be exchanged free of charge. We reserve the right to charge for re-posting returned orders, which have been especially produced to meet your personal requirements.

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What if I receive my printed canvas and it has been damaged?

Full refunds will be made by Fine Art Printing for items lost or damaged in transit (except for 'Your photos' or 'Personalised Art' items). You should keep all packaging and/or artwork as found and notify us within 1 day of the item arriving in damaged condition to be eligible for a full refund or exchange.

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Is there a contact telephone number I can call?

You can contact us on 0508 346 327 during office hours which are Monday – Friday 9:00 – 4:30pm.

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What about copyright of my photograph or artwork?

By sending us your image, you are automatically acknowledging that you are the copyright owner of this image, or have obtained permission from the copyright owner in written form, which permits us to print it in accordance with your order.

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Where can I read through your Terms & Conditions?

You can read our terms & conditions along with our returns policy by clicking here.

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Who is Fine Art Printing?

We're a bunch of regular people (with names like Peter, Colleen and Marcel) that didn't like what they had seen in the market place and decided to start our own canvas printing business the way we thought it should be done. To satisfy ourselves and our curiosity we went out and bought all our own stuff to test exactly what quality could be achieved. As a result we have a business that does not outsource anything. Yep - not a thing. We do everything ourselves. We buy our own raw materials and we see every piece we use to make our product. And we do it all in New Zealand.

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What other services do you provide, if any?

We supply the following other services:

Bullet Point Design service

    We develop personalised artwork for interiors as well as corporate commisions for atriums, reception areas and boardsrooms. Please contact us should you wish     to enquire about rates and processes.

Bullet Point Professional Photography

    We have close relationships with professional photographers that we can refer you to or we can project manage your photography requirements if necessary.

Bullet Point Childrens Art Collage

    We also provide a childrens art collage service where we capture their artwork by scanning it or photographing it. We then create a collage of the artwork to the specified size that you request. We can super-impose a photograph of your child on top of the artworks as a further option.

Bullet Point Busblind Creation Service

    We create busblinds to the theme and size you would like. You send us the list of what you would like on your busblind and we create an aesthetically pleasing     framed canvas busblind from your list.

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