How did Fine Art Printing happen?

Our Guarantee

Well we kind of fell into canvas printing. We'd seen what was on offer from the scope of canvas printing suppliers out there and saw an opportunity to try a bit of a different tack and provide a service that was actually that ... a service.

We all come from different backgrounds, but we were all in agreement about the fact that we wanted to extend this concept printing photos onto canvas into a tailored solution where people would have the opportunity to move beyond just printing photos onto a canvas and framing it. We want to look at the quality of the photo, ideally a choice of composition and then to look at incorporating more white space on the canvas and then including other elements that enhance the whole framed canvas print into a finished product that reflects the love and attention that went into creating it.

We're extending our ideas about canvas art and the canvas print medium all the time. Looking at ways to be innovative in what is normally considered a fairly small space.

The Three of us